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Our mission at Green Leaf Spa is to rejuvenate, focusing on beauty, health and your well-being. Leave your daily stress behind and treat yourself with a visit to our Spa. We offer different types of treatments to pamper our clients from head to toe.

Some of our treatments are:

“GREEN LEAF SPA” will offer their clients a magnificent alternative to reduce stress, feel a profound relaxation and reach a general well-being.

  • Green Leaf Massage

    Our Home Signature Massage, were we combine different techniques, workingeach body part, such as: legs lymphatic drainage, 20 minute feet reflexology, head at facial level, deep and relaxing back and neck massage.

  • Deep Tissue (60min)

    It is a stringer massage compared with aromatherapy, due that it is directed into the muscle and exerts a higher pressure level; know to relieve accumulated tension, pain, muscle spasms, filling your body with energy and vitality.

  • Hot Stone (90min)

    The base of this wonderful massage is the balance of body energy; for this purpose hot volcanic stones are used and placed on different body points, also known as chakras which are also the main energy spots . Historically heat has been a natural remedy for pain and increases the blood flow and aids in the reduction of stiffness; relaxes the muscles and has a soothing effect.

  • 60 Minute Aromatherapy

    Relaxing Swedish Massage combined with the use of special essences and incense to achieve a maximum relaxation.

  • 30 Minute Aromatherapy

    Relaxing Swedish Massageincludes back and neck but has the facility of combining other areas : back and legs or legs and arms, depending on the preferences of this client ; this added to aroma therapy and incense to reach a higher level of relaxation.

We invite you to rejuvenate your skin and to relive all those bothersome pains with our great corporal exfoliations that eliminate dead cells and make your skin feel soft, hydrated and comfortable.

In every exfoliation we use essential oils and products of the highest quality. We finally finish by applying a lovely body cream to complete the treatment; or if you want you can select one of our wraps.

  • Tropical Coconut

    Enjoy a natural coconut exfoliation and circulatory massage that will hydrate your skin with natural oils that will give youa fresh and juvenile look and feeling.

  • Orange

    Experience the benfits of C Vitamin, which is involved in the reappearance of collagen in your skin, preventing premature aging.

  • Seaweed and Sea Salts

    Refresh your skin with ionized seaweed mineral salts drawn from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Let it’s highly antioxidant power provides softness and elasticity to your skin and improves blood flow while revitalizing the tissue and eliminates toxins.

With our delicious and fascinating wraps we will help you stimulate the circulation of your body to eliminate the toxins, nourish your skin and feel you with energy. We will take you to a unique experience and elevate you to the maximum of your five senses.

In each wrap we are including an application of essential oils and a massage with cream at the end.

  • Clay Body Wrap

    Enjoy the effects that clay has in our body, not only internal but externallyis one of the best cosmetic treatment, it helpsto eliminatedead cellsand regeneratethe skin. Because off its high mineral content, clay treatments are the best available control for sebum in oily skins. But it will not only will leave a better look but will also help to close the pores, preventing dirt.

  • Algae Body Wrap

    ¡Live the energy! Algae will perform a remineralization process in your body and you will feel as brand new and full of energy. This treatment is committed to restore your skin with essential elements such as vitamins and minerals; being in tune with the needs ofprotection and performance that actual live demands.

  • Cleopatra Body Wrap

    ¡White and pure, mistique and beautiful! Relive a unique and millenary experience. Soak your skin with the moisturizing and nourishing virtues of milk. After this treatment your skin will look radiant and hydrated.

  • Coffee Contour Spa

    A unique experience that perfectly combines the cosmetic efficiency and sensorial pleasure. Coffee favor the elimination of lipids (oils), especially in belly, thighs and buttocks. Allow your body recover its harmony and simultaneously reduce its contours. Let yourself caress by its fine texture and that its intense aroma provides you with wellness.

  • Grape Deluxe Antioxidant

    “The secret of eternal youth”. Provide your skin a renewed aspect, providing luminosity and vitality. This fine-based purple grape extract body wrap contains a high concentration of polyphenol, a powerful free anti-radical, that provides antioxidant and anti-aging properties to the skin.

  • Chocolate Pleasures

    ¡Exquisite! Delight yourself with a delicious chocolate aroma. Soft, creamy and warm body wrap that caress the skin and awakens your senses. Allow the chocolate wonderful properties to increase your endorphin production that will provide wellness feelings eliminating stress and providing pleasure.

Relax your mind and body with our magical baths in a private Jacuzzi while listening to music and enjoying our exquisite aromas. Allow us to clear your mind, taking it to an exotic world where it blends into fragrances, sounds, colors and sensations.
(Each bath lasts 1 hour and includes 15 minutes massage).

  • Grape Bath

    Enjoy the grape benefits to counteract the abrasive effects of the radicals in the environment, while you rejuvenate your skin to avoid early aging and obtain a younger look and a bright and fresh personality.

  • Vanilla Bath

    Enjoy the aromatherapy and relaxation feeling, while your skin enjoys the new texture and softness with the unique vanilla properties.

  • Mermaid Bath

    ¡Dive in a wave of tonic benefits! This bath includes a selection of seaweed and sea salts that hydrates your skin and provides all the benefits of seawater. Allow these marine crystals turn your bath into a visit the deep ocean.

  • Remineralizing Bath

    Marine and vitality sensations. Minerals are vital inorganic substances for the optimum functioning of our organism. This incredible algae bath has all the ocean properties to provide a real detoxifying and remineralazing treatment that gives hydration, softness and balance to the skin.

  • Cleopatra Bath

    ¡To feel like a Diva, a classic beauty cure! Dive in a delicious silky milk Mouse, enriched with proteins and sea collagen that provides skin with hydrating and nourishing properties. An authentic wellness treatment that pampers the body, mind and spirit.

GERMAINE DE CAPUCCINE products are used and applied for facial treatments at the GREEN LEAF SPA, a European cosmetic line with 50 years of experience and impeccable quality.

Not only in the field of aesthetics does our protocol guarantee excellent work but also in the field of relaxation and well-being.

Each and every one of our therapist are qualified to select the most suitable products for your type of skin, and to do a great job.

  • Queen Facial

    Tensor firming facial that smoothes the skin surface, providing a nourishing and regenerative action. Experience the benefits of a facial massage and look radiant. This treatment renews facial cells, looking younger and full of energy like a Queen.

  • Princess Facial

    We will use theintelligent actionofthe cytokines, these detect your skin needs and gives back the auto regulation and self-defense capacity. A trulypersonalizedfitnessagainst the onsetof the first signsof aging.

  • After Sun Facial

    Effective facial for sensitive skin or easily alterable by environment. It gives soothing, decongestant, anti-irritant and soft properties. Revitalizes and protects the skin against aggressions, relieves symptoms of sensitivity and helps restore wellness.

  • Luxury Facial for Men

    It’s a treatment that meets every male skin needs; returns softness to the skin and restores the shaving aggressions, dehydration and skin fatigue signs. Provides with the most complete care for oily, dry or stress affected skins.

  • Deep Balancing Facial

    Special treatment for oily skin.Cleans, exfoliates, tones and renews facial skin through a soft massage. Plus a purifying facial mask that eliminates oil accumulation in pores.

  • Wash and Dry

    Look radiant and with stylized hair, enjoy the relaxation of a soft capillary massage during your hair wash along with aroma and musictherapy within your treatment.

  • Pedicure Spa

    Feet are one of the forgotten parts of our body. They work so hard and receive no attention. Allow us to return the wellness and softness sensations that your feet need.

  • Manicure Spa

    Hands are constantly exposed to water and irritant elements, this is why they deserve special attention, they are a visible part of our body after all. Look wonderful hands and relax yourself at the same time, your hands will thank you.